So guess who has two thumbs and is now a blonde? This girl!

So guess who has two thumbs and is now a blonde? This girl!


So today while getting ready for the beach

I went to the bathroom to change into my bathing suit and put a tampon on (which I hate using) So i put it in and put my bathing suit on and instantly felt myself get wobbly. I took it back out and as I pulled it out, already sitting on the toilet seat, I fainted. 

And it was not graceful. What better could happen than me falling to the side and hitting my face right on the towel rack and giving myself a black eye? 

 And long story short rather than go to the beach I spent the day getting blood and heart tests in the hospital with Caleigh while the rest of my family went without me, which was completely unnecessary but the had to because I’ve fainted before. 

But the best part of this all, hands down, is how I now have something in common with Carly, from Girl Code, who also fainted because she put a tampon in.  


Why are the people who are closest to you the ones who hurt you most frequently? Why does the one person who knows how much you value honestly choose to lie to you? And why is the person who does everything they can to make another happy end up the most hurt?

Relearning independence

It’s been 10 days since Nick left for North Carolina and it’s crazy how short that time seems in text. In real life, ten days is at least a month on paper. Until yesterday, I’d just mope around, crying to myself at night because I miss him and I’m lonely, waking up in the afternoon so I have less time awake to miss him. I know that sounds pathetic, but that has become my reality. I’ve found more than a boyfriend in Nick. I’ve found a best friend; a person who has grown with me since I became his English partner almost three years ago. 

But it took me until yesterday to realize that the importance I’ve put on him for my own felicity isn’t fair to myself. While he’s been in North Carolina, I know he’s been too busy to miss me; he’s been meeting new people, creating memories without me, when I’ve always made it a point to include him in all the memories I make.

It took until yesterday to realize that I can be happy without Nick. Yesterday I didn’t do much, I went shopping with my friend Kevin, he attempted to dye my hair blonde, which didn’t work, but still gave me something to be excited about. Tomorrow I’m going to the beach with Caleigh, and Thursday we’re taking a mini-roadtrip (we’re creating a mixed tape for it and everything) and then on Saturday I’m going to the beach again with Lynne.

It may not seem a lot, just a few little plans, but it’s a step. It’s a first step, hopefully of many, to teach myself bit by bit that the world has billions of people, and my life shouldn’t stop because one of them is far away from me. 


I have such a little girl crush on Jason Ritter. This is bad 

I have such a little girl crush on Jason Ritter. This is bad 


Junior year is officially over. Thank the Lordy lord

Well maybe if you weren’t always so mean I wouldn’t always be so bitter.

the first is from Freshmen year and the second from now! 

"There are many things I cannot bear about the human mind but one component I find worse than many is the human tendency to strive always for better. Rather than value what is put in front of them, they criticize the faults and try to think up ways it could have been better. But why?"

So this will be my hair again soon and I am so excited!

So this will be my hair again soon and I am so excited!


Earth Fest 2013 was such a great day; friends, food, and great music

A new look

For the summer I think I’m going to bring back a look from freshman year: dark DARK brown long hair, bangs and red lipstick. Wish me luck!

I hate people who are cynical of holidays such as Mother’s Day

"You should show appreciation everyday of the year" this is true but that doesn’t mean that everyday of the year we need to cook them breakfast take them out to dinner and buy them flowers.
It’s a day to remind them how special they are. It’s uplifting to mothers and people who feel the need to find this day’s faults are beyond frustratingly cliche.
I mean it’s one thing if you only see your mom one day a year but instead of being negative why not turn things around and think “hey I’ve been away at school for a couple months and it would be nice to let my mom know that I think of her and take her out”


I’m so tired of my routine of going from one thing to the next
It’s just a cycle of study, exam, sleep sometimes, repeat

I found some good sites

So I am a happy campa!